McKevitt & Noble

“This is beyond fantastic. If you like Scott Walker’s Plastic Palace People this will make your head swivel off your shoulders”

Cathi Unsworth

A film by Kim Noble
Music by Donna McKevitt
Words by Jan Noble
Vocals by Charlie Finke

from the McKevitt & Noble EP

‘This is what I wanted to give you…’


“The combination of poetry, music and image to produce a collaborative work of art is alchemy. The difficulty of creating perfection in each distinct discipline expands exponentially with each layer. For such a work to co-here it is not enough to laminate. Coherence will only come from a deep current of common experience.

Perhaps that accounts for the success of the the 4 1/2 minute video installation that is ‘And so he…’. Each of the artists involved, despite being individual talents, are all experiencing first-hand the gradual loss of a vibrant loved and cherished parent. This is happening now. No work more convincingly portrays this angst”

Don Mousseau

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