Never Mind The Originals Here’s The HeeBeeGeeBees

Label: HeeBeeGeeBees Records ‎– TWITS101
Released: 1981

1. HeeBeeGeeBees, Meaningless Songs 3:34
2. Jack Michaelson, (Dancing) Up The Wall 2:50
3. The Beagles, Dead Cicada 3:36
4. David Bowwow, Quite Ahead Of My Time 3:32
5. Kenny Rogered, You’re My Son 3:02
6. Status Quid, Boring Song 4:32
7. HeeBeeGeeBees, Ah! 0:43
8. The PeeCees, Too Depressed To Commit Suicide 3:42
9. Paul McCarthrob And Wangs, Simple Song 2:57
10. St Winnalot’s Reform School Choir Granma 2:18
11. Båbba, Music Machine 3:29
12. Larry Pilsson, Oh Me! 2:18
13. Neil Dung, Bob Vylan, The Bland, Frank Sumatra, Dean Martian, Leonard Crowing, George Harrassing, Bird Of Peace 5:58


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