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Swan describes a 24 hour journey across London with the river at its centre. An odyssey of loss in a changing city landscape through which the narrator, ‘Swan’, drifts. It gives voice to social exclusion, addiction, pollution, loneliness and the metropolitan malaise. Although it may have hiss in its beak, it has elegance in its feathers; this is a story of triumph over adversity as ‘Swan’ kicks against troubled currents, often of his own making, to ride out the tide into another day.

“My Name is Swan”, a forthcoming film by Adam Carr with music by Samuel Kilcoyne & Takatsuna Mukai, is also a documentation of a spoken word tour that saw the poem itself read in every London pub that bore ‘Swan’ in its moniker. A record of backstreet boozers and forgotten watering holes emerges as ‘Swan’, cast out on the periphery, gives his ministry on the slippery edges of the city.

“My Name Is Swan” will premiere at the 2017 East End Film Festival.

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